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"When Richard approached Kodak for support six years ago we could see that there was a great deal of promise in his work. Today there is no doubt that Richard is delivering on that promise as is evidenced by his work and the many accolades that he has received."

Peter Cocklin

"I like the work of Richard O'Farrell. It is majic, and, he is a true majician .....
I know ..... I am aspiring to be one ....."

Peter Sis
Author and Artist

"Richard's work needs no instruction for enjoyment .... I felt I had attended a seminar on Zen. .....Richard is clearly an accomplished photographer. His exquisit portrait of a blind Indian albino girl called Savitri will stand the test of time.

Robert McFarlane
Master Photographer

"They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But Richard O'Farrell's gifted photography work will leave you speechless".

Steve Forbes
Publisher of Forbes Magazine

"Richard is a man of true integrity, sensitivity and compassion. All these qualities are reflected in his exquisite photographs."

Melissa Egan