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"Richard lives for three things - his family of his wife Amanda and three girls,
his phographs and his whales (well not actually his whales - the Earth's whales.
Oh I should also mention plants and perhaps especially flowers. OK, four things.

Of course he is mannic - inpursuit of any of these things his mind is utterly
focused and he is deliberately out of control. He can be inspired by a word,
a look, a deed, a personality or even a breath of air. Mania and creativity, in
the sense of 'originality' (ie: deriving from one's origins, not from ones
intentions),are fine and all too frequent partners. His photographs will tell you
why this partnership is essential more than my words ever can.

The only way we can observe discipline in him, apart from his six hundred
push-up and almost daily several miles of swimming in the sea, is to study
the crafting of his final photographs: the end result of his darkroom time is
a profound expression of the ideas he didn't know he had at the moment of
exposure (of both himself and his film) to the subject. If we could all be in
this condition of availabilitu to and intense concentration on our subjects
we might all be able to produce work which maximised our ability to create
a finished product as completely wonderful as his.

He is fit. With a standing heart rate fo thirty four and an imagination rate
of one hundred and ninety six or therabouts his artistry is free to reign.
What more can I say? To see Richard's work is to know what we all seek".

Gordon Undy
Master Photographer